Treasurer's Office


The Treasurer's Office has the responsibility of recording and reporting on the financial activities of the town. The department also verifies that all financial transactions that are conducted and recorded in accordance with the budget ordinance, applicable laws, guidelines provided by regulatory agencies, generally accepted accounting principles, and town policies.

  • Water & Sewer (Utility Bills) are due the 3rd of each month, after that date penalties will be applied.  Non-payment for monthly utility bills will be disconnected after the 13th of each month and a $35.00 re-connection fee will be charged.
  • Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes are due March 15th of each year
  • Business Licenses are due March 30th of each year
  • Real Estate Rate - $0.335 per $100
  • Personal Property - $0.938 per $100
  • We DO ACCEPT Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard or On-line Payments
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT over the phone payments
  • Return check fees will apply on all returned checks