Farm to Fork

Join us at the Farm to Fork Program where our team of guest chefs, instructors, and local food artisans share their knowledge and experience with food in a fun and relaxed setting.

We offer classes in a variety of food styles from Appalachian to ethnic, from local to international, and for kids to adults.

Come smell the aromas and taste the results – whether it’s from a hands-on class, demonstration class or a tasting!

Whenever possible, our guest chefs and instructors will select fresh and local ingredients as available. So, your experience will be healthy as well as entertaining. In the future we hope to offer some classes that will involve trips to local farms and markets where you can hand pick your ingredients!

What is a hands-on class?

Our hands-on cooking classes are limited to a specified number of people to ensure that everyone gets to participate. The classes are designed for cooks of all levels of experience and interests: whether you are just a beginner, would like to improve your cooking skills, or just have an enjoyable night out – there is a class for you. Participants are actively involved in preparing the food and every class ends with a tasting.

What is a demonstration class?

Our demonstration classes are a feast for all your senses! Participants will hear the meat sizzling, smell the cookies baking and most importantly taste the delicious outcome! Our chef/instructors do all the work offering informative tips along the way. Participants are offered samples of taste and the printed recipes to take home.

Please Check Out Our Exciting Class Calendar!

We are continually adding new classes featuring hands-on cooking demos from experienced instructors and chefs! Keep checking in!