Brush Schedule

  1. Brush Chipping Policy
  2. Brush Pick-Up Schedule
1. Contractors that trim trees should remove all brush.
2. The Town crew will give each household 45 minutes per month.
3. Any pile of brush that cannot be chipped with in that time limit will be left for the next month or there will be a charge of $20.00 for every 15 minutes to complete the job.
4. If any resident that chooses to have the town go over the 45-minute time limit you will need to make this arrangement by calling the Town Engineer. The Town will bill you for the extra time spent.
If you have any questions on this matter call Rick Tawney, Town Engineer at 921-0340.
Weather and holidays may alter pick-up.
We DO pick up: Furniture, appliances, white goods, TV's, tires and scrap metal, yard debris and leaves that have been bagged.
We DO NOT pick up: Construction debris, carpet, plumbing material, concrete, used lumber or stumps.
We DO NOT pick up: Household garbage. This is done by the Giles County PSA. Please call 921-2499 for questions about household garbage pick-up or disposal of white goods or other large items.