Brush Pick-up Schedule

  1. Brush Pick-Up Schedule
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1st Friday of the month: Allegheny Avenue, Cherry Lane, Craig Avenue, Curve Road, Douglas Lane, French Street, Fairway Street, Giles Street, Hale Street, Harvey Street, Locust Drive, Lynwood Avenue, Mercer Street, Monroe Road, Mill Road, Mt. Lake Avenue, Old Orchard Place, Orchard Grove Lane, Pearl Street, Pinewood Drive, Poplar Lane, Pulaski Avenue, Oak Lane, Sunset Drive, Valleyview Drive.

2nd Friday of the month: Church Avenue, Cirus Street, Cord Drive, Cross Avenue, Dennis Street, Eagle Drive, Fleeman Street, Grand Avenue, Henson Avenue to Woodrum Street, Hobson Avenue, Iris Street, Johnston Avenue, Lane Street, Lost Lane, Main Street, Maple Street, Martin Lane, Montgomery Street, Morris Avenue, Orchard Drive, Painter Street, Peach Street, School Road, Tannery Road, Tazewell Street, Thomas Drive, Tyler Avenue, Walnut Street, Wenonah Avenue to Woodrum Street, Willow Circle, West Mt. Lake Avenue, Woodrum Street.

3rd Friday of the month: Buchanan Street, Caudill Street, Chapman Drive, Chestnut Street, Country Club Drive, Clifford Street, Darden Drive, Deerfield Acres, Elm Street, Easley Street, East Henson, East Wenonah Avenue, Easton Road, Ft. Branch Road, High Street, Hoge Street, Huffman Drive, Pearis Road, Pembroke Street, Robinhood Drive, Taylor Avenue, Wildwood Drive.

4th Friday of the month: Cabot Drive, Crile Lane, Gale Road, Horsley Drive, Kinter Way, Lawndale Drive, Mason Court Drive, Mayo Circle, McGuire Lane, Woodland Drive.